The Dreamland Series

4th October 2018

Most of 2018 has been focusing on my Dreamland Series where I wanted to capture the fun and excitement of coming to Margate for all the Thrills and Spills it has to offer.  There are current and historical pieces I wanted to record as best I can providing memories of visiting Dreamland Theme Park.  Dreamland are continuing to update there park on a regular basis and there is always something new to focus on or a new ride being installed.  Here is my Dreamland work to date



Looping Star – Dreamland circa 1989


Big Wheel – Dreamland


Swing Chairs – Dreamland


A Day Out at Dreamland


Helter Skelter at Christmas – Dreamland


Dreamland Waltzers


Dreamland Waltzers II


Dreamland – Margate


Waltzers at Dreamland