Me, Myself & Margate

17th September 2022

This is Darren’s first solo exhibition at the Pie Factory Gallery following 7 consecutive years co-exhibiting at the gallery with fellow artist and good friend Ross Andrews.  

This year provides an opportunity for Darren to display for the first time, a collection of intimate, personal, and private paintings that will be on view to the public for the very first time.  For those that have visited past exhibitions, viewers will be familiar with the Margate Sunsets backdrops to his harbour paintings which he is gaining an increasing reputation for.  

This exhibition, ‘Me, Myself and Margate’, offers you a glimpse into Darren’s personal life.  The standard sunsets of Margate Harbour are woven between paintings of his family (including his pets). Other places of interest, such as the local bays of Botany, Kingsgate, Viking, Minnis and Walpole convey his passion for the sky, sea and sand.  There are also paintings of past trips abroad, and in particular, his love of the Turkish Riviera.  A childhood memory of Northdown Park and a rare self-portrait in the studio provide a more personal insight.  

However, having lived by the sea for 50 years, visual coastlines are ingrained in his make-up.

Living in Margate, he paints the things he sees around him, the things he knows well and is comfortable with.