Our Ephemeral Coast

10th September 2021

Our Empeheral Coast

Exhibition by Darren Lewis and Ross Andrews

10th September – 21st September 2021

Pie Factory Gallery, Margate

This is Darren and Ross’ sixth joint exhibition at the Pie Factory Gallery following previous exhibitions titled, ‘Sand, Sea and Light’ in 2016, ‘In and Out the Sea’ in 2017, ‘Thrills and Spills’ in 2018, ‘My Sky – His Sea, His Sky – My Sea’ in 2019 and ‘Meet Us Where the Sky Touches the Sea’ in 2020.

Darren and Ross’ joint exhibitions have previously gained regional TV coverage.  BBC South East News Today have featured three of their past five exhibitions with Natalie Graham and Rob Smith presenting in 2016, Marcella Whittingdale and Rob Smith in 2019 and Ian Palmer in 2020.

2020/21 has endured a unique period living with the various social restrictions of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Covid-19 has forced us all to re-evaluate the world around us.  The experience of ‘lockdown’ provides a focus to appreciate the things we may, once before, have taken for granted.  The changing light in the sky, the beauty of saturated sunsets, the motion of the sea are just a few to mention.  Isolation has encouraged artists to focus deeper in celebrating the visual, with Ross and Darren’s creative endeavours increasing in output and intensity.

This new exhibition, ‘Our Ephemeral Coastline’ emphasises the forever changing elements which dominate their work, the sky, and the sea.  Both artists often use the same subject matter but from very different approaches, perspectives, and disciplines.  Darren wants to capture the light, colour and atmosphere of a particular fleeting moment and takes this memory back to the studio to re-imagine his visual sensation through a significant period of adjusting, re-evaluating through oil paint.  Ross on the other hand, puts most of his efforts into the planning and organisation of visual elements coming together in his chosen location.  Relying heavily on natural environments, waiting for, and capturing his perceived image with a click of the camera can often take years to come to fruition for that one optimum fleeting moment.