Margate Harbour Steps – Completed

18th July 2016

Margate Harbour Steps 210cm x 90cm

Margate Harbour Steps – 210cm x 90cm                                                                                         Oil on Canvas

I have finally………………….I think, finished this huge painting of Margate Harbour Steps.  Originally the painting had no people in it which would have been a bit strange given the climate of the painting. Margate steps is always bustling in fine weather.  I started adding people and then friends and family asked if they could be in the painting.  I was happy to oblige and constructed the people bit by bit and even added myself and my partner twice.  You can see me right at the front in the black hoodie holding my friends 4 year old daughter.  I also appear in the far distance remembering a time last year my partner and I shared a bottle of wine on a hot summers day.

This painting will be for sale at my forthcoming exhibition at the Pie Factory, Margate 22nd – 28th September 2016