In and Out the Sea Exhibition 22nd September – 3rd October 2017

14th September 2017


This is Darren’s and Ross’s second joint exhibition at the Pie Factory Gallery following their successful exhibition titled ‘Sand, Sea and Light’ in September 2016.  The exhibition gained interest by BBC reporter, Robin Gibson, and was featured on BBC South East News Today on Monday 26th September 2016.

This new exhibition, In and Out the Sea brings together the two artists using the same subject matter from very different approaches, perspectives and disciplines.  Darren is OUT of the Sea using traditional methods in oil paint to capture the changing light, mood, colour and atmosphere of the surrounding coastlines of Thanet.  Having lived by the sea for 45 years visual coastlines are ingrained in his make-up.

This is also true of Ross Andrews. Ross prefers to be immersed IN the Sea, choosing an unusual photography approach of similar subject matter to Darren.  Ross is an artist that uses the natural environment as his canvas.  He draws monumental configurations in the sand and uses ‘extreme’ photography to push himself physically in capturing the life and power of the sea.  Ross immerses himself in the coast.   His wealth of knowledge, science and years of experience of local coastal surroundings provides a sound basis for his creative endeavours.  In and Out the Sea displays regularly the same chosen locations from very different perspectives.