Coastal Endeavours

4th April 2019

Coastal Endeavoursis a collective group of oil paintings by local artist, Darren Lewis, in the pursuit of capturing the unique light that surrounds our coastlines in Thanet.  Local residents are only too familiar with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that illuminate Thanet’s coastline throughout the seasons.  Effervescent skies in reflective waters provide the perfect backdrop for Darren to record in oils varied colour spectrums as he searches for the sublime.  Darren often returns to the same location, such as Botany Bay or Margate Harbour numerous times over. Each time the changing light and atmosphere provides new challenges to record and capture in paint.  His familiarisation with his subject matter and location provides a confidence to explore both experimental tonal and colour combinations in response to what he sees in front of him.  Darren’s main interest in his seascapes are light and colour, and being surrounded by the wonderful vistas of Thanet, this only offers fulfilment to his coastal endeavours. Exhibition is at New Kent Art Gallery from 23rd April to 5th May 2019.